Capecare volunteer Delyce Lohf assists a visitor with check-in

Join our volunteer team for company, friendship and fun

For Busselton resident Delyce Lohf, volunteering at Capecare has provided company, friendship, and fun.

When her husband retired, they moved from Perth to Busselton and while he sought a quieter life, she wanted to retain the busyness a city life provided.

Rather than sitting at home and keen to make new friends, Delyce sought out an appropriate volunteer position. She enjoyed daily visits to her mother in a Perth aged care facility so sought out Capecare and signed up. She currently works two mornings a week.

“I love it. I enjoy people, meeting and getting to know them,” Delyce said. “It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. If I had my time again, I would work in aged care.

“If you like working with older people it’s very rewarding. The staff are friendly and explain things really well so I feel very comfortable.

Delyce has had several volunteer roles in her five years at Capecare.

“I’ve helped with bingo, taken residents walking, and assisted at the Day Centre. When we closed to visitors during COVID lockdowns I helped on the front doors to assist with deliveries. Now I’m working at reception to meet visitors at check in.”

Capecare is always looking to add to its 100-strong volunteer base across its Busselton and Dunsborough facilities. To find out more visit email or call 9750 2000.